You have to admit there is something incredibly special about Franklin.  Franklin is unique, captivating, inviting. It goes beyond traditional southern hospitality.  It’s the lure in the beauty of our majestic rolling hills, our charming downtown, our safe neighborhoods and the conversations with everyone we meet.  As your Alderman I want to ensure that the reasons that brought you to Franklin will continue to be the reasons, along with many, many more that keep you in Franklin.We are all done with spiteful politics and this is a non-partisan election.  I want this site to be something you enjoy, a reminder of what a privilege it is to live in this wonderful city.  If you want to spew hate, please feel free to, I’m gonna love you anyway! It’s been a very long year for many of you.  You may be feeling depressed, angry, confused, scared or filled with despair, but you are still in Franklin and there is plenty to be thankful for. I want to be your voice of reason in this world of chaos. I have no hidden agenda and this is not a career move.
How do I continue to keep your world picture-perfect in Franklin? There really isn’t a lot that is not working in Franklin, but how do you take something that is great and make it even better?  That’s what I intend to do: keep Franklin at the forefront of world class cities to live in so that we continue to serve our citizens in the best possible ways as well as receive national accolades.  Why in the world would I come in and change up a recipe that is award-winning and working so well? This recipe and hard work created a place so fabulous it has garnered the following awards, not to mention numerous other nominations:

2020 One of 10 All-American City award recipients – National Civic League

One of the 50 Best Places to Live – Money Magazine

Top 100 Places to Live –

Franklin’s success is proven.  There is a track record.  I am not willing to give in to a current national trend to alter something that has been working for a very long time.  What’s today’s hottest topic could be tomorrow’s big disaster, at your expense.  There is a reason you walked away from everything and planted roots in this great city.  What made this city Franklin should continue to be a time-honored tradition.  Our leaders turned faded glory into a significant tourist, residential and business destination.  There was a time when Franklin was a dirty, country town that people just passed through on their way to Nashville.  We were second fiddle to Nashville, but no more! The hottest spot in town was a pool hall across from the Franklin Theatre (which kept turning hands about every 18 months).  It’s hard to imagine that the Franklin you and I now know was ever anything less than glorious.  Knowing the past puts things in perspective. You can’t appreciate Franklin until you understand the transformation it has gone through over the past 40 years. Visionaries and community leaders sacrificed dedicated countless hours of time and financial resources to make Franklin the crown jewel that it is.  I will preserve the integrity of what they created and forever treasure the place I love to call home: Franklin, Tennessee.