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Gabrielle Hanson, a Westhaven resident, officially announced her election campaign for Alderman At-Large in Franklin.

Franklin has enjoyed a meteoric rise to national attention being named a “Best of” by Forbes, Money Magazine, and other prominent ranking entities.  This wasn’t always the case, as Franklin was once just a rural town on the way to Nashville.  It is hard for those of us who call this storybook town our home, to imagine that Franklin wasn’t always the historically preserved treasure that it is today.  The Franklin we know, and call home, was rebuilt by visionaries who selflessly gave of their time, energy and finances to revitalize a once fading rural community that played second fiddle to Nashville.

Hanson will focus on continued, dynamic economic growth that provides a diversified revenue stream for Franklin and, a lessened tax burden on the property owner. “Our city leaders have done a fabulous job attracting global corporate business as an economic driver. Continuing to focus on business growth, attracting world class dining, shopping and event venues, will build our financial resources so that Franklin remains fiscally strong.”

As Franklin continues to gain in popularity, and, population, the balance between rural and suburban must be maintained carefully to preserve the beautiful countryside, rural heritage, yet, provide the infrastructure needed to support a thriving, modern community.  “Through my volunteer work with The Land Trust For Tennessee, I have had the opportunity to visit breathtaking, rural properties, that are being preserved for future generations to appreciate. I love being able to drive a few short minutes outside of town and be surrounded by rolling hills, lush valleys peppered with grazing cattle and horses.”

“I never take for granted that living in Franklin is a privilege.  The level of public safety we enjoy is unprecedented. We are able to send our children to some of the best public schools in the nation, stroll the historically preserved streets, shopping, dining and be entertained by some of the nations’ finest performers.”  I am running for Alderman At-Large to ensure that this lifestyle is maintained and that Franklin can be treasured by everyone for generations to come.

Hanson, and her husband Tom, who is in commercial real estate, are parents to a home schooled daughter, Ashton. They have a horse, Blue Belle. They attend Grace Church in Franklin.

Hanson completed the Franklin Citizens Government Academy. She is the former Chair of RPAC at the Williamson County Association of Realtors, served on the National Association of Realtors RPAC Participation Committee where she won top honors for Tennessee, serves as the current Political Coordinator to Jack Johnson with the Tennessee Realtors, and, is also on the Tennessee Realtors Government Affairs Committee and serves with Sister Cities International of Franklin. She is the principal broker and owner of Williamson Real Estate.  Hanson was recently named The Best Realtor In Middle Tennessee by The Tennessean and was instrumental in initiating Tenn. Code Ann. §62-13-312(b)(11) that passed in spring of 2021, allowing Tennessee real estate licensee’s to be paid as an LLC.

“Franklin is one of the kindest, most giving communities you will ever find.  It’s genuine, a true treasure. I want to continue to make sure that Franklin is for everyone who dreams to call it home.”

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  1. Steve Baum
    Steve Baum says:

    My wife, Anne, and I are friends of Cornelia’s and I have actively campaigned for Pearl twice including hosting an event and working outside the polls.
    We are pro-life Independents.
    Some questions:
    1 When you list “Grace Church in Franklin” is that actually Grace Chapel in Leiper’s Fork?
    2 I like Jack Johnson personally and have voted for him but know he has never strayed from the official Republican line. Will you be truly independent?
    3 Where do you stand on Covid-19 vaccination and use of masks in enclosed public spaces?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Gabrielle Hanson
      Gabrielle Hanson says:

      Actually, it’s Grace Church, not Grace ‘Chapel’. Grace Church is behind Hobby Lobby on 96.
      I do like Jack Johnson as well, and appreciate his work on our behalf. But, I thought Karl Dean was a great mayor. My respect for Pearl Bransford is immeasurable. I remind myself that I am not ‘just running for Alderman, but, I am running for Pearl’s seat’. She was the epitome of a bi-partisan politician. I am pro-life, and am fiscally conservative. With anything that is presented, as an Alderman, I would ask myself “Is this in the best interest of most of the residents of Franklin? What will the long-term repercussions be? Is it a benefit or a detractor for the community and residents?” Not every vote will make everyone happy. Someone will always lose. At the end of the day I absolutely have to know that I have voted with the best interest of the majority of Franklin at heart. I am also the person who was bold enough, when serving on Realtor committees at the Williamson County Association of Realtors, to not go along with the majority. I was absolutely willing to share my views, even if it wasn’t in agreement with the majority.
      I believe in freedom. I do not believe in mandates of any kind. It sets a dangerous precedent. I do think that most people are cautious, and, are attempting to keep themselves healthy in the medical climate we are in. Our local and state government is making it easy to get vaccine’s and tests upon demand. Taking that extra step back when you are in a group of people, making sure you are washing your hands and not purposely putting yourself in to overly crowded spaces are ways that people can be proactive. I do encourage anyone who is concerned, or, has an existing medical condition to use extra caution. Covid is real. I do not pass judgement on how someone views their healthcare.


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